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The financial crisis has reshaped millions of American?s future, and with it, their stories. The object of this project is not to point fingers or pick sides on this issue. Rather, students aim to tell small, personal stories, which stress the commonality of the human experience.
Hardship and Hope is the 2009 installment of the School of Journalism's documentary photojournalism course. Each spring, students enrolled in the course spend 16 weeks producing a comprehensive multimedia Web site. Aside from honing their skills in new media, students learn how to find their own stories, manage long-term projects and meaningfully connect with participants in order to produce stories that are both intimate and newsworthy.

Thanks to all the families for generously opening up their lives. We hope you enjoy their stories.

Adopting a Neighborhood - Courtney Potter
Jack of All Trades - Eli Sinkus
Holding On - John Adkisson
The In-Between - Ryan Jones
Back Home - Nacho Corbella
Thank You Lord - Zach Hoffman
My Homeless Children - Megan Finger
Sheltered Life - Danielle Verrilli
It?s My Turn - Emma Patti
Trouble at the Hen House - Codey Johnston
Stop the Presses - Stacey Axelrod
All or Nothing - Hannah Sharpe
A Surviving Spirit - Kafi Robinson
Whatever is Takes - Lillie Elliott
The Food Minister - Kristin Wilson
Mended - Colleen Vasu
Help Wanted - Logan Price
Medicine or Food - Eve Greene
A Golden Opportunity - Abby Keiper
Spinning in Place - Jordan Timpy
Recovering Purpose - Alexandra Harper
Brew Buddies - Allie Mullin

Courtney Smith

Grace Koerber
Amanda McPherson
Courtney Potter
Laura Ruel (Coach)
Courtney Smith

Pat Davison, Executive Producer and Multimedia Coach
Ted Richardson, Associate Producer and Multimedia Coach

Chris Carmichael, Multimedia Coach
Nacho Corbella, Multimedia Coach
Phil Daquila Multimedia Coach
Eileen Mignoni, Multimedia Coach

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