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Holding On

After Allen Hutson, 45, of Oxford, N.C., lost his job at an auto parts store, he suddenly risked losing the life he established for his family. Allen worked several low-paying jobs to support his family until he could find a better paying job, putting himself further into debt during the process.

Allen found a job as a mechanic working at Bull City Radiator in Durham. While the job is higher paying, Allen still struggles to catch up with his house payments. His 105-mile drive to work furthers his financial problems.

Despite his financial problems, Allen finds survives with his positive outlook, his family, and helping other people. Allen frequently helps the elderly and anyone in need. Throughout his struggles, Allen keeps family above all else. "We could lose everything we own, but we still have each other," Allen said. "And that's the only thing that we've got right now."


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