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First Annual Carolina Photojournalism Sports Workshop

The photojournalism department held its first annual sports workshop from November 2-4. The workshop paired students with accomplished professionals to cover Triangle sports ranging from high school football to professional hockey. Each student came out of the workshop with two sports packages and a new appreciation for the demands of sports photography. Click here to view the winners.

Special thanks to the following professionals, who dedicated their time, knowledge and even their gear to this year’s workshop:

  • Steeter Lecka, Getty Images
  • Ethan Hyman, The News & Observer
  • Grant Halverson, The Cary News
  • Jeff Camarati, UNC Athletics Communications
  • Chris Seward, The News & Observer

Photo by John Adkisson, Best in Show 2007 CPJSW

Week in Photos September 24, 2007

This week’s photos are part of our Bridging the Gap assignment, in which we asked students to build rapport with a person with whom they share almost nothing in common. The goal: to capture revealing images and explore worlds that we might otherwise overlook.

Music: “One Big Holiday” by My Morning Jacket. This music is governed by a Creative Commons noncommercial sampling license.