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Steve Jessmore of The Myrtle Beach Sun News to Speak at PhotoNight XLVII

Please come join us tomorrow evening in Carroll Hall for PhotoNight XLVII with Steve Jessmore. Jessmore is the photo editor of The Sun News in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. He was previously the director of photography at The Flint Journal. Jessmore has won numerous state and national photojournalism awards including the Robert F. Kennedy photojournalism award for outstanding coverage of the disadvantaged. He’s been a five-time Michigan Press Photographer Association Photographer of the Year, including four consecutive awards. He is also a six-time Michigan Understanding Award winner and two-time Michigan Picture Editor of the year. View his column, Sense of Community, from his time at the Flint Journal.

  • When: 7:30 p.m. Tuesday November 25th
  • Where: Carroll Hall 33, Lower Level

Photo by Steve Jessmore

CPJ’s “Election Stories 2008″ Follows Historic Campaigns

The 2008 election was one of the most highly anticipated and emotional elections in recent memory, culminating in the election of America’s first African-American president. A faltering economy and the waning popularity of the outgoing administration paved the way for a resounding Democratic victory. President-Elect Barack Obama redrew the electoral map poaching once Republican strongholds like North Carolina and Indiana. In the House and Senate, Democrats made significant gains though they fell short of a filibuster-proof majority. Perhaps more so than any other election, candidates from both parties enjoyed the unflinching support of armies of volunteers and organizers. These stories take a closer look into these campaigns and those who channel so much of their energy, passion and faith into the political candidates they support. View Election Stories 2008.

Photo by Natasha Rostovtseva

“Under One Roof” Featured on Multimedia Site, not to be confused with our annual photography contest of the same name, recently featured “Under One Roof” on their Web site. Like Multimedia Shooter and Interactive Narratives, the 37th Frame culls the Web for great multimedia journalism and then aggregates it for our viewing pleasure. Bookmark it.

“Under One Roof” is the story of Ricky and Kristy Dunlap, who, in January 2008, lost their home to foreclosure. Recently, the family of six was joined by Kristy’s brother Randy, his wife Heather and their three children. All 11 share a 1,008-square-foot double-wide trailer in Shallotte, North Carolina. Link directly to the story.

Photo by Chris Carmichael

2008 Carolina Photojournalism Sports Workshop Winners Announced

This weekend marked our second annual Carolina Photojournalism Sports Workshop, during which 23 students teamed up with a great team of pros to shoot Triangle-area sports. Students spent the weekend shooting high school and college football, college basketball and professional hockey. Awards were given for best feature, action and reaction as well as best sports package. View winning images

Congrats to all the winners.

  • Best in Show: Jessica Fuller
  • Best Action: Emma Patti
  • Best Reaction: Jessica Fuller
  • Best Feature: Chris Carmichael
  • Best Sports Package: Chris Carmichael

Thanks again to all the coaches: Ted Richardson (Raleigh News & Observer), Ethan Hyman (Raleigh News & Observer), Grant Halverson (Elon University/Getty Images), Kevin Cox (Getty Images Sport), Jeff Camarati (UNC-Chapel Hill), Chris Seward (Raleigh News & Observer),

Photos by Emma Patti (top) and Chris Carmichael (left).

Beginning Photojournalism Students Cover Election Day

This year, CPJ students in all sections were assigned to cover the historic 2008 election. For students in Jock Lauterer’s J180 class this meant covering Election Day dawn to dusk, from early morning voting to celebrations that lasted into the early morning of Nov. 5 for Obama supporters. For most students this was their first experience covering a news event. Good work everyone!

The advanced students multimedia presentations will be posted very soon, so stay tuned for that.