Monthly Archive for May, 2009

CPJW 2009 Launch Scheduled for June 5, Stay Tuned

So workshop isn’t quite fully cooked yet, but we’re excited to announce that this little slice of Asheville now has a tentative launch date of June 5. Until then expect to see more photos trickling out over the next few weeks. In that vain, here’s a great frame from Kaitlin McKeown’s “The Art of the Tease.”

Bootstraps Burlesque, a troupe composed of five dancers, an announcer and a performing pup, brings the edgy art of burlesque to the Asheville area. The performers say they continue to look for ways to push the boundaries of artistry in the local community.

(Above) Corky prepares her costume and props for a rehearsal. (Photo by Kaitlin McKeown)

CPJW 2009: Day 6

The last day of shooting is almost over. Now for 24 hours of hardcore editing. Boxing princesses, motorcycle evangelists, revivials, trapeze artists and the heir to America’s biggest home. I can’t wait to see how it all turns out.

(Above) Michelle May shooting 16-year-old boxer Madison Hood at George’s Boxing Gym in Buncombe County, N.C. (Photo by Chris Carmichael)

Taking Black Mountain By Storm: CPJ Workshop 2009

This year’s Carolina Photojournalism Workshop in Asheville is entering the final stretch. It’s been a tough week but things are coming together and it’s starting to look good. Loads of interesting stories and some nice daily work from the Smokies for a Charlotte Observer package.

We’ll be tweeting and posting photos throughout the next three days as we approach the finish line. Again, many thanks to all the coaches who have dedicated their time and expertise to this workshop: Joe Weiss, Jason Arthurs, Seth Gitner, Justin Cook, John Simmons and our own Pat Davison. (Looking forward to seeing Ted Richardson later this week.)

(Above) Rev. Ed Taylor presides over the wedding of Dean Watkins and Kim Robinson on May 16. Taylor has married more than 80,000 couples during his 31 years at Gatlinburg Marriage Ministries in Gatlinburg, TN. (Photo by Chris Carmichael)