Smoky Mountain Stories: CPJW 2007 from Waynesville, NC

Nestled amongst some of Appalachia’s tallest peaks, the scenic lands surrounding Waynesville, NC figure prominently in our state’s cultural identity — as much for the people as for the majesty of the hazy hilltops. These hills have shaped many distinctive North Carolina traditions, from mountain ballads to moonshine. While the region is rapidly changing, the rugged wildness of the mountains and autonomous spirit of the residents still thrive. During the 4th annual Carolina Photojournalism Workshop, 14 students from the University of North Carolina, under the guidance of some of the region’s finest photojournalists and multimedia producers, explored the culture and traditions of North Carolina’s Great Smoky Mountains.

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Smoky Mountain Stories was awarded a silver medal prize in the team multimedia category during the 62nd College Photographer of the Year competition in 2007 as well as a silver in 2007 SNDies contest.

Congratulations to everyone involved with the project: Pat Davison, Jason Arthurs, Nathan Clendenin, Melissa Lyttle, Gary O’brien, Scott Sharpe, Tracey Trumbull, Chris Carmichael, Miranda Harple, Kat Kogue, Kent Kessinger, Ricky Leung, Joanne McVerry, Abby Metty, Allie Mullin, Courtney Potter, Logan Price, Maggie Sartin, Sabrina Short, Jenny Tenney, Traci White, Jonathan Stotts.

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