The Carolina Photojournalism Workshop was founded in 2004 by professor Pat Davison. Each year a small group of multimedia students travel to a different part of our state to produce a documentary Web site in a week. The stories students produce are historical snapshots, which examine treasured North Carolina cultures and traditions that are often in flux. In the years to come, we hope work closely with communities in producing a truly living historical archive.

Over the years, the workshop has become an indispensable learning experience for our students. There are no distractions; students work from dawn to dusk everyday, pushing themselves and their colleagues to become better journalists. Students work closely with some of the finest professionals in the industry, who stay up late into the evening performing nightly edits. The 2008 workshop, “Cape Fear to Down Here,” was our largest, most ambitious workshop, during which 24 students worked tirelessly for seven days to produce a diverse collection of stories. These student-produced have been consistently recognized in the Best of Photojournalism and College Photographer of the Year contests.

Click to view CPJW projects from previous years.

CPJW 2010 Update:

This years CPJW is currently in pre-production and applications are now being accepted. Students will produce a cutting-edge multimedia Web site documenting life in and around Little Switzerland, N.C. This is simply one of the most intense, most valuable learning experiences in the Viscom program. Expect to create an exceptional portfolio piece. Admission to this 10-day 3-credit course is by permission of instructor. To apply, complete the attached application and turn it in to Pat Davison by March 1. Hard copy applications are also available in the Viscom Suite.


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