Photo by Colleen Vasu

37th Frame is an annual photo contest open to all Carolina Photojournalism students. The contest is entirely student run and winning photos are printed and displayed during the opening exhibit. Last year’s 37th Frame contest was a joint exhibit held at the School of Journalism and the FedEx Global Education Center. Images from last year’s competition are still on display in the lower level of Carroll Hall. This year’s contest deadline is quickly approaching so be sure to get your entries in before the Feb.12 deadline. More details to come as we gear up for the 2010 exhibition.


Everyone will be allowed to submit a maximum of 20 entries for 37th Frame, picture packages are considered to be one entry. All photos must be the highest resolution possible– if you need help with this, attend our TBA group submit session in Carroll 60 or just ask a smart person.
1 spot newsA picture of an unscheduled or breaking event for which no advance planning was possible. Examples: fires, accidents or natural disasters.
2 general newsA picture of a scheduled political, social or cultural event for which advance planning was possible. Examples: demonstrations, staged promotional or political events and other daily news.
3 featureA candid picture of a “found situation” containing strong human interest, a fresh view of the ordinary or humor. In all cases the dignity of the subject must be respected.
4 sports actionA picture that increases understanding of and appreciation for sport through the capture of peak action and the competitive spirit.
5 sports featureA sports-related picture with strong human interest or pictorial quality that celebrates the role athletics play in the lives of athletes and fans. Examples: The joy of victory or agony of defeat, fan reaction and interaction, athlete portraits.
6 portraitA picture of a person that reveals the essence of the subject’s character.
7 pictorialA graphic image that expresses beauty, tension, harmony, chaos and other abstract concepts through composition, tonal and color relationships more than through human interaction.
8 illustrationA food, product, still life, fashion or concept picture. Each entry must have a title.
9 picture story- A narrative picture story or thematic essay photographed that either reports on significant events, celebrates life, portrays sport or explores environmental, social, economic or political topics. 8 photos maximum per story.
Naming Conventions
Name your photos like so:
So if you are submitting 5 photos in the pictorial category, your photos would be named 07_davison_01,  07_davison_02,  07_davison_03, etc. Got it?
In order to grind some serious photo-etiquette into your brains, this year all photos must have full narrative captions or they will be disqualified. There is a document in the Viscom Basket that explains good captioning how-to.
DEADLINE: Friday, February 12th at 9pm in the folder labeled 37thFRAME2010 in the server’s Viscom Basket. Please label your individual folders 37thframe_lastname_2010.
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