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CPJ Photographer Julie Turkewitz Featured on Political Blog

Some great work by Carolina photojournalist Julie Turkewitz was recently featured on Kenneth Cole’s AwearnessBlog.com, a social justice weblog and forum that was spun off from the designers Awearness Fund, a charitable campaign to fight AIDS and homelessness. Read what Julie had to say about this photograph of Hillary Clinton taken from the South Carolina Democratic primary.

I took this image in January, a day before the South Carolina Democratic primary. As a twenty-something, this is the first time I’ve seen people actually get excited about politics.

When I was in South Carolina, there was this undeniable energy – volunteers on every street corner, students parading through campus yelling for people to vote – that I had never seen before. The feeling was, and I think still is, that with the race so tight, individual votes actually count for something.

I spent the entire weekend of the primary trying to capture the excitement. I got this intense adrenaline rush when I finally snapped this image.

Photo by Julie Turkewitz