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North Carolina State Fair Stories 2007

This year a record 858,000 people attended the North Carolina State Fair. A cross-section of North Carolina culture, the state fair has lured people from all over the state with its mixed appeal of chaotic midway pleasures and rural charms since 1853. As evidenced by the wake of cars lined up along I-40 off-ramps, the state fair experience continues to be one of our most unique and cherished pieces of Americana. As always Carolina Photojournalism students were there to capture a fraction of the chaos. Click here to view this year’s stories.

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Photo by Lauren Cowart

Coming Soon: State Fair Stories

The state fair stories are done and will be posted on the site later this week. Each student produced a still slideshow with audio. While audio was an integral part of the award-winning J481 Documentary Photojournalism class last year, this fall marks the first time that J480 students have incorporated audio into their state fair stories. For many students it was their first experience with audio storytelling and we couldn’t be happier with the results. In fact, many students can’t be parted with their audio kits and have vowed to incorporate audio into their final projects. Next year, we’re hoping to incorporate smells into the state fair projects (Joe should have a beta version of SmellSlides 1.0 ready by then.)

Photo by Chris Carmichael