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[Preview] In Shadows: Stories of Hardship and Hope in Mental Health

In Shadows: Stories of Hardship and Hope in Mental Health (Preview) from Chris Carmichael on Vimeo.

Seven years after North Carolina legislators voted to move mental health care toward private community providers, patients with mental illness and their families are still waiting for stable and reliable mental health care services. In Shadows is a documentary Web site dedicated to telling the stories of those caught in the middle of a broken system. Site launch is scheduled for October 2008.

Video by Chris Carmichael

Carolina Photojournalism Publishes Documentary Site Andaman Rising

Photojournalists Rising from Andaman Rising-Thailand on Vimeo.

UNC-Chapel Hill’s School of Journalism & Mass Communication announces the release of http://www.AndamanRising.org, a collection of 15 student-produced multimedia stories about life in southern Thailand after the 2004 Asian tsunami.

The site’s debut follows a month-long foreign reporting assignment in which 14 journalism students traveled to the province of Phang-nga, Thailand to explore some of the most intimate corners of Thai society.

Based out of a village next to the Andaman Sea, students used photos, audio, video, graphics and design to craft cultural snapshots of a region that has risen above tragedy. Working with a team of Thai translators, they documented the story of a teenage cross-dresser in a traditional Muslim community, the narrative of an illegal immigrant family from Myanmar, and the spiritual transformation of a young monk.

Congratulations to all the students involved and a special thanks to all the wonderful families in Thailand who generously allowed us a glimpse into their lives.

Additional photos are available on Flickr.

Take a Look: Minneapolis Star Tribune’s “13 Seconds in August”

A year after the collapse of the I-35 bridge, the Star-Tribune released “13 seconds in August,” a jarring look into how, in a matter seconds, hundreds of lives were forever changed. Features a wealth of compelling video interviews. The map navigation sets the tragic scene and establishes the context for each story.

CPJW at Ocean Isle Beach Featured in Sun News Video

Carolina Photojournalism Workshop #5 at Ocean Isle Beach is officially over! This year’s workshop lasted seven days and included 23 students, making it the largest workshop to date. The stories were more diverse than in years past and the site design looks beautiful thanks to our two brilliant programmers, Seth Moser-Katz and Emily Merwin. We will be announcing the launch of the CPJW Ocean Isle site soon so keep your eyes peeled.

Until then, check out this great piece about the workshop and our very own Eileen Mignoni by Randall Hill of The Sun News. Special thanks goes to Randall for helping us put together this mix of stories.

India: Globalization Creates Rising Tide; Still, Many Struggle

Video by Galen Clarke